I give research and practice-grounded advice and support to major businesses around onboarding and retention of high-skilled professionals. Separately, I advise international schools in Copenhagen and beyond on strategy development and governance, as well as social justice and belonging work.

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My main focus is on co-creating, facilitating and delivering, or auditing, training for major businesses on the needs of their current or future globally-mobile professional staff.

From 2021-2023, I led Project Onboard Denmark. The project has created an open access digital toolkit for companies seeking to audit their welcome for international professionals, improve their onboarding, and better retain new colleagues.

Recently, Project Onboard Denmark was featured in the Copenhagen Post. You can read the article in this pdf file.

I also have extensive experience in supporting organisations, including schools and UNESCO, to challenge gender inequality and violence against women and girls.

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Working with Claire, you soon discover why she is a sought-after consultant and speaker. Her academic training gives her the deep knowledge to break down complex issues; her international background adds a true global perspective; and her empathy and ability to connect with a room really set her apart.

Her inspirational leadership and drive means she can lead complex projects involving multiple partners, masterfully navigating different perspectives and ensuring all voices are heard and valued.

When Claire speaks, she weaves disparate and complex themes into an accessible narrative to deliver meaningful and actionable insights.

Signe Biering
Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker