Intersections between cosmopolitanism and nationalism in education

Increasingly education policy and curricula want to foster a cosmopolitan orientation in students. It is seen as critical for producing employable young people in today’s globalised labour market, as well as promoting cultural understanding across difference. At the same time, nationalist sentiments are dominating political rhetoric, keen to foster a sense of national belonging and social cohesion. How are these two discourses and commitments being navigated across education today? To support analytical work on this topic, I have developed the concept of ‘cosmopolitan nationalism’.

Recent publications include:

Yemini, M., Maxwell, C., Wright, E., Engel, L. & Lee, M. (2023) Cosmopolitan nationalism as an analytical lens: Four articulations in education policy. Policy Futures in Education.

Maxwell, C., Yemini, M., Engel, L., & Lee, M. (2020) Cosmopolitan nationalism in the cases of South Korea, Israel and the US. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 41(6), 845-858.

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