Trajectories of young people who have attended international elite schools

The role of elite education tracks in reproducing the position of socially dominant groups has already been relatively well documented, at least in the Global North. Less well understood are the trajectories pursued by young people from elite families in the Global South, especially when they leave their national education system. How do their financial capital, the international credentials they secure, their racial and cultural backgrounds, and the parental aspirations which sent them abroad in the first place – intersect.

Longitudinal research on this question is missing, something I have been working on.

Recent publications include:

Maxwell, C. & Lillie, K. (2024) From a national elite to the global elite: Possibilities and problems in scaling up, British Journal of Sociology, online 26 June.

Lillie, K. & Maxwell, C. (2024) Practices of Consumption: Cohesion and Distinction within a Globally Wealthy Group, Sociology, 58(3): 535-773.

Both papers are free to download; but you can also email me for copies.

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